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Reverse Camera Option (Additional To Keybinding)


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It would be nice if we could permanently switch our standard Camera.


Recently I play a bit more coordinated, which means, for example, that at doors I take the right side - for that I ALWAYS have to switch camera at the beginning of each mission. 


Now that I am used to it, the other camera is weird to me, especially when it switches back in the Ship (where I forget to bother reversing the camera).


For such reasons it would be quite convenient if there was also an option to reverse the camera permanently.

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I've never thought about that. I use the standard camera as all the swapping was messing with my aim, but for those who have it inverted it would be a useful feature and not too hard (I assume) to do.



making it a hud settings button instead of a in mission button

It's useful as a keybind for corner peaking without exposing your frame to the enemy lines of sight/fire.
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