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Nyx Pvp Mind Control And Chaos


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Hey, I'm fairly new to Warframe and still don't understand much of the mechanics of the game.

Well, i'm playing PvP with NYX and according to http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Player_vs._Player_(PvP)

NYX's Mind Control and Chaos should cause disruption to a player's screen and for chaos drains energy.

However, when i tried it...nothing happened.

I've actually tested it with friends, and they told me nothing was happening when i activated mind control and chaos. Actually, mind control keeps saying invalid target during PvP.


Is there something i'm missing? or is NYX solely a PvE Warframe with the exception of Absorb




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That would be cool

but why doesn't chaos or mind control work during pvp as NYX?

the chaos & MC only affect the AI's.

ON player, you will only see hologram...

For MC, unless you'r expecting the player (enemy in PVP) loss control of his/her frame...

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but according to the PvP page of Warframe wiki (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Player_vs._Player_(PvP)) under the collapsed tag-name NYX

Mind Control Disrupts the opponent's screen like an Ancient Disruptor. Psychic Bolts Works as intended. Bolts seek targets and deal high damage. Chaos Disrupts the opponent's screen and drains energy like an Ancient Disruptor. Also can control other Warframe's Setinel. Absorb Works as intended. Not recommend in Duel as it can be ignored by opponents and give away user's location. Can be used when dead.

So i don't understand why it's not working during pvp

Is there a bug?

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So basically NYX is strictly a PvE Warframe in terms of abilities.

Well that just sucks... I guess i'll be dropping her as my main.


Thanks for the information!


Not at all. Where Bolts sucks in PvE, they are valuable in PvP. Absorb is also powerful as hell with an increase to casting animation, add that range. Stun and Knockdown > anything else in PvP. 


If you expected to sit in the back and just Chaos the room? No, Nyx wont work for ya. 

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