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Unfair Mastery Rank Test?


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So i was about to re-attempt my mastery rank test 12-13 promotion (Failed yesterday), but then when i tried to

re-attempted the test, i was left back on the navigation part of the ship. and apperently i had failed the test with out even having a chance to try it again


Has this happened to anyone else?


for anyone who dose not understand what my message is its

1.clicks on rank up button

2.agree to attempt test

3.screen turns darn

4.back on ordis ship

5. repeats step 1 and 2

6. unable to attempt and now has to wait another 24 hours


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I am XP locked with a lvl 30 Volt at rank 2, I tried taking the test 2 days in a row now, it wont even load. It just sends me back to the ship then when I try again to take the test it says wait another 24 hours because I 'failed'.

I really want to upgrade my frame please fix this.

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I got the same problem and I am pissed cause I am in a rush. I was going to get to rank 2, but now I can't and I can't start trading in the network and I was looking forward to it because I'd rather trade for bps and grind rather than grind for bps and then grind some more.

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