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Equo Vis - Ghost Clan Recruiting New And Veteran Players!


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Greetings everyone!


Equo Vis is a recently formed Ghost Clan aiming to help with the much-loved grind, event runs and ClanTech weapons, as well as assist new players with gaining general knowledge about the game and it's mechanics.


Since, as said above, it is freshly formed, the clan does not have a complete dojo yet, but I already developed a plan for it, which will become reality soon. The main problem we're facing right now is lack of Forma and some rare resources, but hopefully you will come along to help solve this problem!


New player? Did you find yourself thinking, "Oh boy is Jackal hard! I can't possibly do it on my own!"Join Equo Vis today! We will help you kill ALL the Jackals and reveal the sad truth of RNG behind this game!


Veteran player? Ever thought, "Got this new gun, but I've nobody to grind XP with :C" ? Or maybe, "Hey look, new Primes! Gotta get to farming! It would be so much more fun with friends, though :C" Join Equo Vis today! We will always be happy to help you acquire new content, as well as hear you complain about rigged RNG!


To join, just leave a post in this topic in the following form:


In-Game Name: (self-explanatory)

(Optional) Steam Name: (self-explanatory, makes it easier for higher ranks to contact you)

Timezone, Available At: (write your timezone, as well as when you usually play)

Playing Warframe Since / For: (Update number / date / how long you have been playing)

Why I Want To Join Equo Vis(why specifically this clan?)




In-Game Name: PhantomRUS9

(Optional) Steam Name: PhantomRUS9 / PhantomButtClap

Timezone, Available At: GMT+4, 4PM-9PM

Playing Warframe since / for: U7 / 20 April, 2013 / One and a half years

Why I want to join Equo VisBecause I'm sad and alone, and your clan sounds like fun! I want to help you grow and expand. (You bet it does!)


We don't care about mastery rank. It only shows how much equipment you grinded for XP, not your actual experience with the game!


Hopefully I have convinced you about how dedicated I am. Please leave a post if you want to be sacrificed to our lord and saviour Satan join our clan!


~PhantomRUS9, Founder and Leader of Equo Vis

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