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Best/universal Weapons Frames (F2P)



So im playing with very limited amount of slots for my weapons and frames and i wanna make all around build that would be good in almost every single situation



mainly aiming for t4 survivals 


and my goal is to have couple frames (loki prime one of those probably)


and 1 weapon each that could deal with everything easily 



atm im using dragon nikana , latron wraith  , akboltos



altho both akbolto and latron does puncture so i probably should get something for impact or so



looking for suggestion of best 3 weapon combos to do voids/odd

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Oberon is suited for multiple porpuses, so he is good at dealing damage and buffing allies and healing.


A good Primary would be the Dera or Boltor (Prime) for Puncture, if you dont mind the Travel Time, otherwise the Braton Prime does well, but does not excel at anything either.


A secondary..... the Marelok is good in dealing Slash and Impact damage, wich makes it good for Shields and Infested, and there's the Twin Gremlins, they do the same Slash, Puncture and Impact damage, making it very versatile for any situation.


A Melee, I say you are fine with the D. Nikana




you are aiming at T4's the Marelok is good there once you have a maxed build with: H.Strike, B.Defusion, L.Torrent


The Braton Prime will need a few formas to really shine as a "All-Purpose" weapon

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^Ignore whatever they said, they are blinded by raw DPSes.

All you need in long run is UTILITY, not damage.

Screw raw damage as it will be diminished by armor.

Screw raw damage because quickly you'll be overwhelmed by sheer amount of enemies.

Screw raw damage because these enemies are literally bullet sponges after 1 or 2 rotations.


How to win at survival?


1. Gather a proper team, with VOIP.

2. Screw damage as said earlier, you need utility.

3. You barely need 3 frames to make it work, 4th frame makes it just easier, faster and more effective.

Your setup should look like:

Vauban, Loki, Nekros, Nova.

Dura+efficency for Vauban, Range+Efficency for Loki and Nekros, NegNova to gather enemies MUCH faster.

4. Get some easy to defend spot with multiple entrances (requires knowledge of tiles and flow of enemies), once there DON'T YOU DARE TO LEAVE THE DAMN PLACE.

5. Spam radial, Mprime, Vortex and Desecrate all at once while striping their armor with massive procs from weapon of choice (Even status marelok with punchthrough works).


Congrats, you just won at Survival and pretty much everything else.


Feel free to give me plat if this worked for you and you were able to go over 2h in T4S.

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well im far away from vauban  been playing for a month   seen 1 alert and it was while i was sleeping so its out of a quesiton for now


i do have nova but i lack alot of mods for her atm


nekros is next on the list just wondering if i really actually need him cuz im almost done with every single weapon ingame (except for primes and some that requires alot of clan materials (working on those too)) 


loki is so far my favourite frame purely cuz of invisiblity and melee damage i can do alerts and other kinds of stuff alone cuz of it  (early mornings or late nights its hard to find ppls)


i did tryed oberon  before he got buffed and it felt like a weak frame so i destroyed it right after 30  (im rebuilding it again to test it out once again)


i do have alot of tier4 keys so my goal is not really to survive for long but to get rewards in general(formas , primes) (maybe once i achieved my goal of having good gear il go for long runs) 

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