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Question,about Moving Items From Account To Account



Hey everyone,during the bleeding ground event,my brother played on account...just for fun,meantime,he quit because of his work,my question is...moving the bleeding ground set is illegal? is the same ip i think,since in one of the machines we use WIFI,and the second the original connection.


That kind of action would consider me a ''mod farmer''?

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*Breeding Grounds
If those truly are separate accounts, it's treated like trading, so there shouldn't be any issue here. The problem arises, when those two are both your accounts.


Your best bet, to be entirely sure, is to ask someone more in-charge, a community manager (Rebecca, Megan) or Support.

Though, honestly, the best way would be to just trade those mods. As long as nobody knows, nobody can report you. And DE is not actively searching for people that may be accused of exploiting multiple accounts. Your post kinda makes it more risky, since now somebody can report, that he thinks you have multiple accounts...

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