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Mods, Stances And Aurras For Sale

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Hey, all mods are base unless otherwise stated by '1*', '2*', '3*' etc.


Warframe mods:


Constitution          6pl

Enemy Radar       6pl

2x Fortitude          5pl

2x Intensify           6pl

Master Thief         8pl

Natural Talent       6pl

Quick Thinking     17pl

5x Reflex Guard   3pl

2x Sure Footed    28pl


Primary Mods:


2x Accelerated Blast     5pl

Firestorm                     15pl

2x Metal Auger             5pl

Ravage                        5pl

3x Shred                      6pl

Stabilizer                      2pl

Vile Precision               2pl

Vital Sence                  4pl


Secondary mods:


Steady Hands              2pl

Stunning Speed           2pl

Tainted Clip                 2pl


Melee mods:


Beserker 1*                 10pl

Corrupt Charge           6pl

Focus Energy 3*         6pl

Heavy Trauma             3pl

3x Power Throw          3pl

Quickening                 4pl


Stance mods:


Brutal Tide 1*             11pl

Coiling Viper               5pl

Crossing Snakes       12pl

Gnashing Payara      11pl

Iron Phoenix               8pl

Pointed Wind             5pl

3x Seismic Palm         5pl


7x Burning Wasp           4pl

2x Eleventh Storm         4pl

16x Fracturing Wind      4pl

19x Reaping Spiral        6pl

2x Shattering Storm      11pl

Sinking Talon                11pl

3x Sundering Weave     2pl

Swirling Tiger                 6pl


Sentinel mods:


Fired Up                4pl


Spare Parts 5*      2pl


Kubrow mods:

Maul                     7pl


Aurra Mods:

Dead Eye                     17pl

Enemy Radar                6pl

Shotgun Scavenger      4pl

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