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Dark Sector Conflict, Fore Pve Player To Pvp? (Also Decisive Judgment Is Only Transmute-Able Now)


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I never was found the conflict here a issues to make it into a PvP sound kinda logical.

However there are good PvP Player that easy grind the ground with newer player that would like to support for the better cause for Dark Sector but they can't keep it up.


In Dark Sector should be 2 Option my my opinion.


One: Support simple in PvE (Not as great of a Damage and also allow to farm the Dec. Judgment)

Second: PvP (More damage)


Beside that soon or later the markt for Dec. Judgment will be broken soon since it become only obtainable through transmutation.


Do You share the same version? or do it look only in the Dark here? :P


Give your comment below! 

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