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Weapon Skins Contest


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Welcome to Digital Extremes’ boldest technical steps into the world of player generated content! This is the first contest where we put the tools in your hands to directly create your own art for Warframe. Tenno, keep in mind this particular contest will require prior knowledge of Photoshop and other artistic tools. If you are ready, read on to learn about how you can put your Photoshop skills to work and earn Platinum!


The Weapons


This contest is a call for Weapon Skin submissions for 3 Tenno Weapons:

  • AkMagnus
  • Vectis
  • Dual Zoren


The Contest


Our Weapon Skin contest will have 3 stages with winners decided by the community. The winners of this contest will have their skins added to the in game market and earn a percentage (25%) Platinum from each sale!  


Stage 1: Call for Submissions (September 5th - September 19th)

Starting today until September 19th, please get your brushes and tools ready to work on weapon skins for the Dual Zoren, AkMagnus, and Vectis. You may submit up to 3 skins, 1 for each weapon. You are in no way required to submit 3, and may submit only 1 or 2. No duplicate submissions for the same weapon. Submissions must occur in this thread.


Contest Technical Details


Your contest entry must have rendered shots of your textures from the three angles included in the FBXs in the Contest Assets Directory.  There are three cameras in each FBX (front ¾ view, back ¾ view and side) for a total of 9 shots.  You may use any tool your wish to render the images and there are Blender files included in the Contest Asset Package folder if you need an Open Source solution.

You may use any presentation technique that you wish to present your renders to their best advantage.  IE:  You can merge them into one image with a custom background, keep them on a simple solid black background, etc.  Your original renders should be at least 800 pixels wide (to show off your skins) and your final presentation images should be no wider than 1900 pixels.


To get started, please find all assets to participate here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!RkFzFKSB!e2G0IViYSwBwEHUhgBGRng


(Just uploaded to my Google Drive as alternate DL link: https://drive.google...c&usp=drive_web)


To win the contest you must be able to send us a Photoshop document at the end of the contest (.psd) containing a:

  • Diffuse map
  • Specular map
  • Gloss map
  • Tint masks (1 for each channel colour channel that you want the player to control).

For each of the weapons represented in this skin pack (VectisSkinContest.psd, MagnusSkinContest.psd, ScindoSkinContest.psd)


Helpful Links

Texturing Tutorials


Content Creation Tools:

Painting / Image editing: 

Free:  http://krita.org/

  • Very cool painting program that is making great strides as a texture painting application.  This summer they did a Kickstarter which has a fellow working on a lot of game oriented features.

Free: http://www.gimp.org/

  • The classic free paint / photo manipulation program.

Paid:  http://www.photoshop.com/

  • It’s a officially a verb so you’ve likely heard of it J
  • They have recently introduced a monthly rental system so that you could us the product for the contest and not renew if you so choose.


3D Programs:

Free:  http://www.blender.org/

  • Long standing and very solid free 3D program.  It would work well as a texture previewer and as has 3D painting capabilities.
  • A tutorial that shows off some of the 3d painting features in Blender.

Paid:  http://www.marmoset.co/

  • Brilliant 3d previewing application.  Note:  To make the highlights line up more with the current version of our engine set the Sky Brightness to 0 and uncheck Energy Conservation in the specular rollout.

Paid:  http://3d-coat.com/ and http://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-painter

  • Two very solid 3d paint programs. 


Stage 2: Voting (September 22nd - October 6th)

Starting September 22nd - September 29th, members of our Design Council will vote on skins for each weapon, with candidates selected by us at DE!

Stage 3: Winners & Integration (October 6th onward)!

Once the winning skins have been decided, they will be integrated into the game for purchase in the Market!


Legal Reminders:

Reminder that by participating in this contest, you agree to our EULA (https://warframe.com/eula) and Terms of Use: (https://warframe.com/terms)

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Extended Voting
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Stage 2: Voting (September 22nd - September 29th)

Starting July 25st until August 1st, members of our Design Council will vote on skins for each weapon, with candidates selected by us at DE!



Btw, July 25th until Aug the 1st, you mean like in 2015? =O

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Rebecca can you provide us with UV charts too please? Like a very clear outline of where parts end and start on a simple black background (or something) 




Looked more carefully at my .psd file after setting up my renders, nvm!

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