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Missions Don't Spawn More Than One Prosecutor


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So I decided to farm for Hydroid when I noticed that on Survival an Defence I get only Delta beacon while on any other mission I see only one per mission. Is this a bug?

If it isn't a bug can you tell me the best place to farm Vay Hek triangulators?

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Do you have any gears to level? If you do, my suggestion is to go to Kiste. It's a mobile defense mission that has lots of enemies, so you can level your weapons quite fast. Additionally, Prosecutors may spawn there, sometimes twice (at times, RNG won't give you a single one), so if you have a Nekros with you it's even better. Moreover, you have a high chance of getting at least one Orokin Cell, and a slim chance of getting the Crimson Dervish mod since Bombards spawn like crazy during the defense phases.


I'm suggesting that because having multiple objectives usually makes it less tedious to farm certain things.

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