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So What Are The Points From Defense/survival?



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Yeah, I think this is it. I recall something about survival events, and the numbers specifically are defined as 'Event Score'...




whoops misread your question






I just tested it out since someone in my clan mentioned it affecting your credit gain. I had 20020 Points when the mission ended, then when I went back to the ship it said I had like 3 points and a 20020 credit bonus. On Seimeni - Ceres.




The number of seconds you played in the mission

Not for defense.

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For Survival, it's a high score measurement left over from the original Survival Weekend. It no longer serves a purpose directly, but the longer you survive, the higher you'll score. As far as I know you don't get anything from it.


I have no idea why there would be one on Defense, unless it's counting Fusion Moa kills, since that was an event once.

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