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Why Is Loki Prime The Best?



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"Loki master race" is why Loki Prime is the best according to your friend. I will grant: Loki Prime does have a lot of things in his favor: Looks AWESOME, Lots of energy, Invisability, etc but he isn't the "best." An argument could be made for almost any warframe as to why it is the best. 

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The one you find yourself most comfortable with. Loki is one of the best because of wide ranged radial disarms with invis to get out of a pinch, and decoy to draw fire away (you want to put decoy in a spot that's hard to shoot at like between two boxes or under stairs)

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Loki prime #Masterrace

1.HIGHEST energy pool and sprint speed

2.ALL abilities are useful

3.Stealth OP

4.Scales to end-game with ulti and invis, but also with othet two.

5.Can solo most if not all missions.

6.Can be picked in almost any mission.

7.Can be played with many playstyles.

8.Revives teammates without a single hit.

These are things that just came to top of my head, there are many more.

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I still believe there's no "best warframe" I think they are all good with the right stuff on, however there are "easy" and "difficult" warframes that used properly will help you achieve a great performance in missions, i have them all, including mirage, my favorites based on fun gameplay are:


- Valkyr

- Zephyr

- Hydroid

- Loki Prime

- Ember Prime

- Nyx

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Despite what the description of Loki says(that it is for advanced players) its an easy frame to play and invis is a crutch making it easy to survive.  


But as far as what is the best frame.. it kind of depends on what you are doing.  Some frames and completely situational. 

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Hi, I was asking my friend on what is the best warframe and he told me that Loki prime was the best. Could anyone please explain to me why that is the case? 


hes not?  maybe ask your friend why he thinks he is, no prime warframe is any more powerful than any normal warframe, their all the same except for polarity layout + 1 extra polarity (usually, tho you can just forma the normal one as well) some prime warframe also have a minor stat change on 1 stat, all of them tho are irrelevant except rhino primes speed increase which is immediatly useful and noticable.


loki primes stat increase is a minor increase to total energy which is largely un-noticable anyways esp if using a long power duration loki, you never use all that energy anyways, not even close, but NONE of the primes are more powerful.

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hands down loki is best of all the frames i tryed so far (and im missing zephyr necros vaubanand saren) and i already know how all of those frames works and they can't be compared to loki 


the decoy and teleport combo so freaking good for mobility especialy in things like interception


invisibility lol forever insibile with boosted melee damage what can be better for that  ?    run nightmare missions easily  while ur scrub team dieing with no shields and so



oh and radial disarm   i heard monster with ranged weapons pretty stronk in later stages of the game ?  guess what they will be melee now cuz of loki 

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There is no such thing as best frame.

Your friend is probably one of those "Loki master race" guys.


That being said, Loki is still a great frame and definitely one of the best (not "the" best, just one of them). He's fast, has a great set of abilities that scale well into high levels.


Still, not the best frame.

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