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Nukor Vs. Spectra Mk2



I'm wondering how my fellow ninja feel about these two things.



Both are secondary weapons.  Both are Continuous beams with perfect accuracy and 20% status chance per second.  Both use 5 rounds per second and have a reload time of 2 seconds. Both have negligible critical hit performance.



Nukor does slightly more damage at 32 versus 30, and it is entirely Radiation damage which makes for some terrifying builds versus Grineer.   However it makes the weapon much less powerful against enemies which resistant to radiation, and you can never override a built-in compound element.


Spectra has a relatively huge magazine and a generous bonus of 150 rounds to max reserve ammo, making it more suitable for rate of fire mods. Its mix of physical damage types is suitable to more kinds of enemies. The beam is also far less visually busy. However its beam is extremely short ranged and it will never have the capacity to do a 3-element build like the Nukor.



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The innate Rad base of Nukor is better for procs (even of other elements) than the IPS, and the Rad damage itself is only terrible against Infested, while really effective against Grineer. Nukor has more paper Burst, while Spectra has more sustained. 


They're basically equivalent. Nukor gets advantage for Grineer and procs while Spectra is better for Infested and sustained. Boils down to preference, and how you feel about the visuals.

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