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Allow Renewal To Stay Activated At All Times?


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I think it's a great ability so far, especially the fact that it does great at removing any procs from the player. The only thing that irks me at the second is that if you have a bit of power strength, and you fully heal all friendlies, it forcefully disables the ability, preventing you from keeping friendlies from getting proc'd, or having a team regen going at all times.


It's also got a weird mechanic to it I guess where having negative duration will extend the time by shortening healing amounts per tick. Right now, all I want to be able to do is keep the ability on after my team is fully healed, and perhaps make it a toggle as well, instead of just making a duration (amount per tick should still be affected by duration perhaps though)

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I just gotta ask though, why?


I mean, I don't know many procs of anything that don't deal damage (I don't think the electric one does, but you gotta get hit to start with).


And if a proc is dealing damage (toxic, fire, slash), that means they are losing hp.

And if they are losing hp, that means they can be targeted by renewal.

And if they can be targeted by renewal, the proc damaging them will be removed.


What am I misunderstanding here? I'm sure there's something.


Or does it not remove procs? I'm confused. I haven't needed to use renewal in a long time.

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Yeah, Renewal has the Miasma math error. That should be addressed, since it makes modding Oberon rather annoying. Though you could also argue that it promotes thoughtful building, since you have to decide whether you want a long heal spread thinly over many seconds, or a quick burst heal. Hmm.

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Renewal has always been affected by both power strength (total heal amount) and power duration (total healing time). Renewal's power duration has always been affected inversely, meaning the higher your warframe duration the lower your Renewal duration.  This was intentional.  


Yeah, Renewal has the Miasma math error. 


It is not like Miasma. Miasma does a set damage over a set time, reducing the duration makes the damage happen quicker.  Renewal does a set heal over a set time, but reducing the duration makes it actually heal slower, as this ability has always had an inverse relationship with duration.




My issue isn't the inverse duration relationship, but rather the new energy drain over time/energy siphon disable.  This disincentivizes using the longer duration heal build as it is far less energy efficient.  I have already written a post about these issues here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/303431-issues-with-oberons-renewal-in-145/

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