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Clan Research Paths, Hubs, And I Shot The Sheriff.


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*still drooling over archwihnnng*


Todays livestream had some really giggitygoo goodies for us!





That being said: a few things that were also mentioned




Hubs will if everything goes as planned: have up to 100 players per hub. Channel you into another hub if that one is full. Have npcs that we may be able to interact with. Players will (looked away right here dangit) somehow be able to become deputies of sorts of the planetary hubs, has something to do with helping players via info and such, items too probably, will be a way to advertise their clans.  I shot the sheriff, but i didnt shoot the deputy.


Clan Research


There was talk during the stream of clans being able to further their research development down specific paths. One path will exclude you from another. This will give various clans importance for having chosen a specific path. The items will be tradeable between the clans(members?) so that one clan may swap goods they have for goods their clan can not make (due to path choices).


Infested enemies


The new infested enemies look great. New ancients. Enough of that 'Perhaps ancients are the sentients' ( i hope ). Sentients were reported to look least humanoid. I hope that excludes our bipedal ancients.


looking forward to itchyinnards and testiclechest.



Good work DE!



edit: i can has spell

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Ugh. Guess I'm gonna have to find a proper clan now, considering mine's a shadow clan ghost town because my friends don't play anymore. Good bye, placing pots on the sides of other pots hanging down from the ceiling.


Edit: This is in regards to the clan research paths.

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tbh i can't wait for the hubs and NPCs and all that interaction stuffs. U14 brought lobby interaction on each individual players' lobby and the hubs will definitely add more interactions among players now. This is seriously a must in a game I think.



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