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Powerfists - Instant Kill


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Whenever I get hit by a Powerfist (which happens often since I play Trinity and she needs low HP for a good blessing) I often just die.

Not just getting downed, I instantly die, like the Stalker got me.


Yes I made sure I got a Squad with me.



Right now I'm stuck inside the 24h Catalyst Alert, I set the game to Public but nobody joined.

Instead of dying this time my HP got reduced to 0 and I can't move at all, only zoom my weapon and crouch.

Enemies don't notice me anymore.


The worst thing is that I see a rare mod a few steps away and I'd really like to see what it is.







Btw, is there anyway someone from DE could join my game and help me out or am I screwed now?

I gave up RIP rare drop.

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the thing that is causing the powerfists to kill you so easily is the fact that they not only do a signifigant amount of damage but they also can inflict the viral proc which halfs your max health just so you know

The problem is not that they remove my HP easily.

They just kill me, skipping the bleedout, usually I can use a revive, just this time I can't do anything.

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