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The Idea Of Serenity


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In Devstream 36, during the Archwing gameplay showcase, the idea of mining and exploration was teased. I for one nearly jumped out of my seat when I heard this. Combined with the immersion factor of the new skyboxes in orbit above planets, ambient radio interceptions in the Liset, the potential the Amazing quest system has, and the upcoming addition of World Hubs, asteroid mining would make me throw every last penny I have at the screen.


A game mode with no enemies (Or at least a low chance of spawning a few random patrols) that allowed for simple small-scale space exploration and mining would easily make me and I'm sure many others sink another 100-200 hours into the game simply by flying around with the Archwing. This would also have an excellent meta-game application, allowing for another means of acquiring certain resources.


Perhaps each planetary body could have it's own mining area?


The vast creativity and artwork done in this game is amazing, and the feeling of being in space is done incredibly well with the new living skyboxes.Saturn is my favorite; I have spent so much time simply watching ships come and go in the skyboxes, I sometime forget I'm supposed to blow them up! lol


All in all, DE does a great job, and I would love to see the addition of mining into Warframe as was teased in Devstream 36.


P.S. Birdlifters

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