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So What Do We Reckon The Best Mods For The Glaxion Are



loving this gun,got my own mini game going on where I see how many I can freeze in a row then explode while flying through the air.And also seeing whats the stupidest pose I can get an enemy in while freezing,got a few nice freezes in mid-air after I Kittag em.Cheers DE for something different :D


Anyway been chucking mods at it and just wondering whats best.Ive added the usual split chamber,serration,prime rounds,heavy caliber,and cyro rounds.Just wondering if speed trigger,shred etc will make a differance to the power.



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Punch through. LOTS of punch-through.


In the past with damage 1.0 I used Flux Rifle as a freeze ray and there's a neat strategy with it. If you're fighting enemies that don't die instantly, put it out there with punch through but DON'T SWIPE IT. Let the enemies run into it and slowly track the front enemy in the line. They become slowed by the cold procs and other enemies catch up, these new enemies are also slowed so they don't go past the first enemies. They all stay in a nice neat line of dying, as new enemies continue to catch up and old ones continue to die. If you get ahead of the spawns and most are dead you start tracking back towards where they're coming from.


Works great anywhere there's a tide of enemies. Stand perpendicular to a door infested come through. Diagonal to lots of corrupted coming down the stairs. Grineer coming through side doors on the MD map. If you watch the A.I. in a room with lots of guys as players enter, a lot of times most of them will turn and do go the same direction.

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