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Doe Anyone Have A Moding Guide?



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Topics to read about on Wiki:
 - Polarity

 - Mod Overview

 - Damage

 - Respective weapons pages

 - Respective Warframes pages


Site to use to browse and experiment with builds: http://warframe-builder.com


And in Warframe you can't "not be into modding". You win;t get anywhere without your gear modded properly.

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Goal#1: Damage mods and all four 90% element for your weapons.

Beg, borrow, steal, farm and trade to get here ASAP. Don't rule out any source.


Goal#2: Multishot Mods.

Split Chamber, Barrel Diffusion, Hell's Chamber.


Goal#3: Nightmare Mods.

Blaze, Shred, Wildfire, Lethal Torrent and Ice Storm from nightmare.

Very large bonuses to capabilities without extreme points costs.


Goal#4: Corrupted Mods.

Spoiled Strike and Viscous Spread are core. Heavy Caliber is quite commonly used. Lots of options in here for frames and specific weapons. Hard to tell you want to focus on without knowing your gear. By the time you get here, you'll have some idea what you want from corrupted mods though.




I left out frame stuff, crit stuff and melee stuff (until #4) because the core mods for those categories mostly come to you. You may decide to seek out some specific stuff but +HP, +Shields, crit chance mods and Pressure Point are all quite common I believe.

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