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Future Companions


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You guys are thinking too small,


3 new companions,


Grineer turncoat - Either aquired through altering their brainwashing program when they get out of their cloning pods or willing to join Tenno because of a mutation (Kind of like G3)


Corpus mercenary - Could be one of Darvo's old bodyguards or something, fighting on your side because he owes Darvo.


Tenno Novice/ Red Veil Assasin - Should speak for itself, kind of like ''mentoring''

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In the concept arts section, they showed us some type of vultures. So do you think there will be any falcon/hawk-type companion in the future?













And feline. Dont forget about the cats.


The more the merrier. I would love to see more pets but I would like to be able to interact with them more, have a greater variety of kubrow coloring options, dress them up in armor, etc.

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