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Frost Re-Work


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Not too much of a need for an explanation, we all know Frost is in pretty much a "30 and toss" situation. Volt does defence better due to his shield giving damage and being Duration based, scales far better than Frosts shield. He is not a speedy frame sadly, and is certainly not a damage type.


#1 - Freeze changed to "Arctic Zone"


"Arctic Zone freezes the air around Frost rapidly, doubling his armour and causing any enemies that hit him/are near him to be slowed down, also increases Frosts speed slightly."


Toggleable ability, not affected by Strength, Duration or Range mods. Drains energy when in use, similar to pre-nerf Absorb. Slow is roughly 25% attack/movement speed on enemies. Will give Frost a nice tanking ability and some CC mixed in, working in a similar way to the Sentinel version. 25 Energy base


2# - Ice Wave changed to "Frostbite"


"Frost applies subzero temperatures to his weapons and those of his allies, applying Cold damage to all weapons but simultaneously preventing Bleeding on both allies and enemies"


Duration based skill, increased by Strength, affected by Efficiency. Allies and enemies must be within a certain range of Frost (around 25m) for this to apply. 50 Energy base.


3# Snow Globe - the same, with some buffs:


- Health removed, upkeep held via Efficiency.

- Efficiency upkeep similar to Absorb pre-nerf, energy drain whilst inside of the Globe to prevent afk'ers.

- Allies can now fire through the outside and inside of the Globe, applying extra Cold damage - similar way as Volts Electric Shield

- Globe limited to one (perhaps two) being up at the same time

- Globe will shatter at the end of it's life, applying a small radius, cold proc. 


4# Avalanche - the same with one buff


- Overextended "bug" re-added.


Happy to hear thoughts, ideas or criticisms.

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