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Intro Into A New Community! :d


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Hey guys! Name is Naruke Alpha, and im have been playing warframe since yesterday and I love it!!! so i thought id join the chat here :P


Some background on me:

-I play warframe on pc

-I'm a 16 year old boy with a lot of free time in it's hands

-this is the 3rd forum i've joined in my life

-Love me some tech 

-geek/nerd (w/e you want to call it) in technology

-I play League of Legends Hearthstone and the ME trilogy (big plan for games yet lill money D:)

-I come from the xbox 360 and my fav game is the Halo franchise 

-my fav game in pc is project spark (but i build a gaming pc and got win7 instead of win8 mistakenly (long story) ) 

-I was an alpha tester for Project Spark

-I follow LoL esports VERY closely *whispers* Cloud 9 <3 


anything else you want to know just anser away! :P 

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