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Foundry Ui Repeatedly Opens And Closes


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  • 5 weeks later...

How odd that exactly 1 month later, this bug happens to me.


In any case, I'm experiencing this right now. My foundry menu keeps opening and closing repeatedly. I can scroll up and down, but clicking on anything is impossible because the menu keeps "Blinking".


Very strange.

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Daily reset time is causing this.  I can reproduce it by opening Foundry and watching it flashes as soon as the time passes GMT+0.  Having game minimized to desktop while passes daily reset time in the background may also trigger as it happened to me in the past around that time.  One contributing factor is having Argon Crystal in inventory.  The above test is done with the crystal, I can't test it without one as I'm having way too many unused crystals in inventory right now.


previous post in a related thread: 


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