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Update 15 Archwing Concepts [Art, Missions, Etc] *updated 9/5/14


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With a new way to play the game, we finally experience more three dimensional maneuverability. We have the archwings themselves that give our frames the ability to breath in space while they're equiped and more unique abilities. I hope there are missions where it involves our usual combat and we switch to Archwings through an ingame event or even better, at random mission times.


See Livestream on Archwings here: http://www.twitch.tv/warframe/c/5069488


Archwing Confirmations:

+ Customizeable with multiple different variations for different play styles.

+ Have their own melee weapons and primary weapons.

+ Will have 4 abilities unique per Archwing.

+ Fomorian Sabotage Mission confirmed


For my Archwing designs, I stride to not make it like giant Japanese robot armor or anything of the sorts. Only some influences while maintaining the Warframe feel.


Venthro and Lotus Archwing Concept


Lotus Abilities:

Charge - 25 Energy - Archwing is supercharged granting it faster mobility with reduction to armor.

Spiral - 50 - Archwing preforms a spiral spin for "X" seconds dealing damage to targets that you collide with.

Lighten - 75 - All players gain faster mobility and gain faster fire rate for all weapons.

Calamity - 100 - Archwing spins firing a maelstrom of missiles towards targets.


Ventro Abilities:

Reflector - 25 - Deploys a small front shield repelling fire for "X" amount of seconds.

Overheat - 50 - Primary weapons gain higher damage and faster reload.

Swarm - 75 - Deploys 4 AI drones that fire at nearby targets for "X" amount of time.

Flux Beam - 100 - Drones fire their lasers combining into one large laser that you aim. Has "X" range and does "X" damage.




4 other Archwing Concept Prototypes



Mission Type Ideas



Mission Type: CARGO

- We enter into a Corpus Ship and fend off against targets planting a bomb for "X" amount of time and when time is up the ship is damaged breaking off part of the ship. We escape by using Archwings and transverse space while fighting enemies then reach the next part of the ship (Like a train loosing its passenger coaches one at a time). We will tranverse space twice and enter 3 parts of the ship in total. The last is killing the captain of the ship and taking the artifact. 



- Space boss fight with a little twist. A giant infested boss that deploys infested drones. The fight will all be in a 3D space with asteroids that act as platforms. The platforms is where we can stand and disengage from our Archwings and use our normal gear and abilties. The down side is there are limited platforms and also the boss will destroy the platforms making them unusable so use them wisely.


Mission Type: RUSH

- Basically a time attack mode where you fly through space avoiding enemies and debris trying to get to the finish. Would be awesome to have a Conclave version of this as well.



- Same as interception except you be able to use Archwings in addition to normal combat. Zones are asteroid outposts and you can either land and disengage from Archwing or fly around each outpost.

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