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Hyperion (Orokin Veil) Archwing Design


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So i did this design based on my orokin Tenno boss design where i included this as a possible drop
Basically this archwing is based around a void theme


The problem with Orokin based WF/archwings/weps is that they normally need a normal tenno version of this item.

So my solution was that we could get an orokin themed boss that only drops these items already primed without a normal counterpart.

This would allow void-themes not only in archwings but weapons and (maybe just maayybeee) WFs as well

The archwing is new and creative so we could apply a whole different level towards the mechanics to attain these archwings

The skills are as follows:

1st. Black lightning

Basically an AoE skill that wraps all enemies in the proximity in a cloud of the void and rains lightning on them from all directions (Medium chance to stun enemies)

Dmg type : Electricity

Dmg amount:TBA (since we dont know how much dmg reduction and what the normal dmg margins within the arching stages are)

Proc chance: 15% while flying through the cloud/s

2nd. Devoid

Creates an implosion inside the enemies dealing direct dmg to them ignoring armor and shields because it destroys them from inside

Dmg type: Radioactive

Dmg amount/s: TBA

Radiation proc chance: 5%/s

Implosion duration: 10/s

Ticks per sec: 1t/s


3rd. Orokin veil

This skill absorbs all incoming attacks and creates a veil sucking bullets in and acting like a shield

(does NOT move with you)

also making you able to traverse this hole and appear behind enemies in melee range but closing the connection

(highest priority target will be selected as exit place)

Duration: 10s(extended by mods)


4th Ancient wisdom

Lets all weapons of an enemy malfunction while also destroying their oxygen supply by sending an ancient
Orokin based Technocyte Virus inside all enemy ships dealing damage to those enemies eternally by a certain amount according to the Level of the enemies and ultimately turning the ships outer hull into infested matter and spreading the virus in an explosion towards surrounding enemies

Effect: Ships cannot attack you with ranged attacks

Dmg type: Viral

Dmg amount: TBA(relatively low)/scales with lvl

Proc chance: 2%/s

Duration: Untill ship is dead

AOE effect range at the end: 50m

Chance to be affected: 100% at 1m scaling down the further away/50m has a 10% chance

max. amount of affected ships at a time: 20(scales with strength mods)




4.Dimensional Vortex

Creates a void vortex moving in the direction you are facing and assembling enemies so you can shoot at them ultimately exploding after a set duration


4.Void skin:

You direct the power of the void from you archwing into your armor and reflect all incoming bullets back towards your enemies

(toggleable) 20e/s (reduced by mods)


2.Darkness of night:

Wraps enemies in darkness making it unable for them to see anything, thus stopping them from shooting.

They start reacting if someone shoots them and shoot in the general direction of them being shot at

(Apart from being funny if you see 2 grineer spaceships kill each other because you shot one from behind the other one it also offers great utility if you want to let enemies turn into an unaware state and if you try to sneak around)

This skill is not interrupted and works on a certain area.

Enemies start seeing again after a set duration.(extendable by mods)


1.Destined collision

Influences the void to pull a solid object towards an enemy and crushing it against them dealing damage and stunning them for a small amount of time

(Fun can be if you target a rock it launches a rock(blocking enemies pathes and giving you time to breath) now if you pull an explosive barrel it explodes at contact making for some funny moments)

Energy cost would be lower than usual normally

1.`s cost 25 energy, this one would only cost 10(Dont know how the energy system will be influenced in space)

The used object will be selected at the first 1 press and launched at the 2nd 1 press both actions together cost 10 energy

(you can use your 2 3 and 4 while an item is selected and can also shoot and fly at normal speed, but will have a marker of your selected item on your screen)


You can`t select HUGE objects obviously, but only targets of a certain size that will move if you collide with them/interactive objects like barrels/rocks/metal bars/salvage/toothbrushs and of course corpus PC helmets and ALS icebuckets!! (plz create those DE)

Let me know what you guys think about it i would love some usefull critisicm.

And recently added...



Amazing Concept Art by blazingcobalt (Orokin Veil design):


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Here's what it looks like


1) Destroy everything that shoots at you

2) Destroy everything with lightning

3) Destroy one thing

4) Destroy everything everywhere


Some more variety would be great. Being Void-themed, being able to phase out and ignore bullet collision for some time would be cool. They all sound like pretty standard AoE, so maybe a beam or some other targeting scheme would be neat.

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There are different mechanics about those skills that have great utility.  Anyway I will think about your ideas and come up with something alternatives/tweak existing ideas. Ty for the input I know the ideas are not perfect yet

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Added more skills but sadly cant utilize the phasing out/linear dmg skill (like a laser f.ex.) due to someone else already having that skill on their thread :D


Otherwise the skill would look like this


Void jump:

Open a link to the void and disappear into it ignoring dmg you receive and jumping 200m into the direction you are facing 



I think some of the ideas may be a little op atm :D so suggest smthing to make them less OP or tell me if you like it this way or would even buff them

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Updated with concept art from blazingcobalt check out his thread where he posts awesome archwing designs :D



Posted more alt skillzz for the archwing


(space combat is epic so we need epic skills :D)

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