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Gustag Three Aftermath On Earth-Eurasia, Downed But Not Dead... Loot Not Aquired.


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A run on Earth's Eurasia tileset brought the G3 on us from a mark. I failed to find out whom was marked but I assume it was either my frame or one of my teammates. With some difficulty we managed to take them down but my Nyx was downed in the process, just as the final G3 boss was killed no less. But it turned out I encountered a bug that kept me in my Bleedout state, the other players described that I was wrapped in the G3 Bubble signalling that I was "captured" despite my being able to crawl about in bleedout. 14 seconds remained on my bleedout timer as well. The others (2 Nekros' and an Oberon I recall) we're unable to revive me and to my horror discovered two Brakk Blueprints and a Natural Talent mod unable to be picked up since I was "downed". Since I was able to crawl, I tried going over an edge in futile attempts to get the bleedout timer started or to have the revive function active for my teammates to no avail.


http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=310409377 here is me still downed looking at what i should've been able to have had this bug not occured.http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996601531/screenshots/?appid=230410 here's another screenshot..

The Others went on to finish what was left of the mission since that was the only way to get me back up, but having to leave the prizes behind...(They also stated they found a Kubrow egg along the way as well, but I wasn't getting that anway since I already had one on the Liset)

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Not sure if I should make a new thread or put this in here.


I also had an issue with the G3. My teammate was killed by them and lacked the option to use revives or forfeit. Then I went down. I was put inside their bubble. Only issue is that even though my teammate died, I remain in the bubble. I could not access the menu or perform any actions other than look around. I had to Alt-F4 to exit the game.

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