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Abyss (Void Based) Arch Wing


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Yea I know, I'm late or this concept is over done etc.


Playstyle: Evasive yet being able to manipulate the playing field.

Marked: Enemies marked will have a blue glow on them and be highlighted.


1. Phase

Ignore collision from debris and bullets for X amount of time, enemies passed through will be stunned and marked.


2. Traverse

A portal is made to allow user to teleport up to 100m away. Enemies may follow you if they can reach portal within X amount of time. Those who pass through are marked.


3. Seeker

Summon energy spheres created by Void energy which then circle around to protect you from enemy fire. Activate again for them to be sent flying towards enemies damaging them piercing them (Up to 5 times) with each successive pierce dealing less damage. Each one pierced will be marked.


4. Voidlight

Concentrate a beam of pure void energy which pierces through enemies and deals immense damage. It will then leave a cloud of unstable void energy damaging all or move through it. If target has been marked by Seeker, Phase or Traverse then the beam will cause a detonation which will damage and hopefully cause a chain reaction. (occurs at 50m). (the nuclear option)

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tisk tisk ShatteredSilence posting on your forum so it would be bumpt :P


There's hardly anything wrong with trying to get your thread attention if it's not getting much in the first place.


The portal is cool, but I think it'd be cooler if you literally opened a portal a few meters in front of you. This could be used to 


A. Fly in and appear at the exit portal of your intended location or B. Have enemies fly into it and appear there instead as a momentary diversion/time buyer. 

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