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Destiny On The Ps3 Question


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PS4 unfortunately requires PS+ to play online, but your free to use the internet portion of it though. I have both PS3 and 4, but I just don't find it worth it to subscribe even if it is only $59.99 for a year, so I reserved Destiny for the PS3 instead. Graphics is about it, they're aren't anyother differences between the 2 versions of the game.


Graphics wise, PS4 Destiny has better draw distance and better lighting, so it has a bit more atmosphere, but the PS3 version is still very good, has good lighting and you can still see far off into the distance. That's about all I could notice.


If you want something similar in comparison, go and look at the PS3/4 version of Dynasty Warriors 8 or Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag, both game have very little differences other than sharper lighting, but in general, their graphics are relatively the same.


You could also compare UFC on the PS4 to UFC: 2013 on the PS3, the graphics on both are too similar, some players even described the new UFC as not even having a graphical upgrade after coming off of UFC: 2013 on the PS3.


Killzone 2 has been known as the official template when it comes to the lighting, and lighting for the past few remastered games on the PS4 have been compared to Killzone 2's particular setting in lighting.

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