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Was Skimming The Eula/tou Earlier.


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Was skimming a couple of sections of the EULA/ToU earlier for the website and after while searching I noticed this:


d.     Digital Extremes is not be obligated to refund all or any portion of any Account fee (if any), by reason of any interruption of the Use/Service by reason of any of the circumstances described in paragraph (a) or (b).
Somehow, the grammar on that section is a little off... :)
Maybe DE "shall not be obligated?" Or "is not obligated?"
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lol, grammar mistake.


And even though they arent obligated to, they have historically rolled-back boosters if serious interruptions have occurred (like WF suffering a DDoS attack).  DE is pretty cool like that.  Not their fault it happened, but they do it anyway.  


Yeah, they should probably have someone (probably their legal team or whomever they've retained for legal services) fix errors in their legal agreements. :)


Yeah, they don't have to, but it's good P.R. to do so. After all, the players aren't obligated to continue playing/buy platinum & merchandise, etc... So a free item here or there goes a long way towards fostering good will between both parties. :)

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