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Excavation: Lotus' Portrait Blocks Objective's Hp


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I'm not sure if anyone else is bothered by this or if DE has done something about this issue; I hope you can do something about Lotus' portrait's location on the HUD blocking the excavators' hp.


Better yet, DE, if you will agree, I think putting excavators' hp near team mates' hp will be convenient for support tennos like me.


The reason is that, as a Trinity, I always keep an eye on everybody's shield and health. Excavators are relatively easy to destroy. There was a time when I took my eyes off the excavator's hp for 6s and, poof, it's gone. With Lotus' portrait showing up where the hp of those things are make awareness and reaction impaired.


Hope you can do something about this. If this mode, indeed, will replace survival, then I hope I won't put up with Lotus' portrait blocking my objective's hp for my future games.



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