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Grineer Mining Machine - Bucket Container


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Just noticed this when I saw the handle... The back of the Grineer mining machine is a bucket. A metal bucket clipped onto a pipe shape, resting with on a platform. I just found it really jarring when I suddenly noticed after all this time!


Will this be replaced with something that feels more cohesive to the machine's function?






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Mining machine drills hole into resource rock.

Resource rock is loaded into a container through the machine.

The container is able to be lifted by cranes to be poured into refinery machines.


I don't see the issue. It's practical and makes sense.


In a way yeah, before posting this, was imagining it also functioning as a crucible of sorts.


But... That handle. That handle looks quite... Barring future tech, the bucket's whole design feels out of place for that sort of thing; it doesn't have that heavy industrial 'feel':





I'd also think that the connector to what feeds ore into the bucket (not modeled in game) would present an additional point of failure; ore spilling out due to door(?) structural failure from repeated use.


I'd be much more happier if ore were expelled into a dump truck-like rear.

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