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Ascaris Negator Bug, It Is Not Working.


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The G3 decided to show up while I have no weapons to deal with them, as usual. So they end up winning(and screwing the game up, but that's another bug report) After restarting the game, I receive the message from the Lotus, all normal and what now. However, it turns out I already had a Ascaris Negator built. I was unaware of it, so I built another. At which point, I never recieved the other message from the lotus once I took out the newly built Negator. Now one of my frame is handicapped with no way to fix it.


The players should somehow consume the ascaris negator manually, to prevent bugs like this one.


Should I submit a ticket?

(I guess I should do it now, after all, it takes at least 3 weeks to get a reply =P  )



Wow, my attention fail... I confused it for the grustrag bolt release item. All good now.

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