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Obligated To Introduce Myself


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After lurking about the forums a bit and posting here and there, I feel like an introduction is in order.


As the forum implies, I am Bunsoon, and everything I and our core clan members do in the game has something to do with some wheat product. 'Cause why not. I have something like 320 hours into the game so far, and it's really been phenomenal for what I pay.


A bit of background on myself: I am an avid gamer, and PC enthusiast. I study mycology and have began to research biopsychology, biochemistry, and the profound effects of DMT on our minds. I'm of a...certain age, and have a knack for technology. I'm a cellist, marimbist, and violinist. 


My favorite frame is Fabulous Loki Prime. You'll understand the name the moment I fall through that air vent.

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