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Greatsword Stance


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Why Galatine and Gram are axe, they should be greatsword and have their own stance. Anyone agree with me?


So here's some ideas (Thanks BradTheImpaler)


The greatsword stance is slow but provide the user huge momentum, means when the blade is in use, the user can ignore most of the knockdown.


Raging Giant (cosists of heavy swings and slams)

Furious Strike(EEE) - Standard combo. Swings right to left and left to right than slam the blade on ground at the end of the swing.


Giant Cleave(EE + HoldE) - Swings right to left and left to right, than charge the last move into a heavy blast slam.


Omnipotent Spin(RMB + EE + HoldE + E) - Swings the blade from front to the back and spin for 360' and the last move leap to the front and slam the blade to the ground create massive knockdown blast.


Mighty Colossus (consists of lifting and thrust)

Titan's Bane (EEE) - Standard combo. Slash the blade once and thrust it out. Then lift the blade upward as the same time lift the enemy airborne.


Bloody Blade (E + Jump + E + HoldE) - Slash the blade once,  jump into midair and slam the blade onto the ground knockdown the enemies. While at the same time, thrust the blade out rush thorugh the enemy horde rapidly.



The stance may be bad, any suggestion are accepted and thanks for any suggestion.



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I agree, a great-sword stance would make a lot more sense and probably flow a lot better. I thought of a couple possible names for the stance, and for some combos.


Raging Giant

Mighty Colossus


Furious Strike: (E E E) Standard combo. Tenno broadly swings right to left, hitting blade on ground at end of the swing, then swings left to right for the same result, and then swings in front of their self on the third swing, jabbing blade into ground for minimal proc of puncture damage.

Great Cleave: (E E + Hold E) Tenno swings twice (right to left, then left to right), and then lifts sword over head, and slams it down, dealing massive slash damage along the sword, and blast damage along the sides.

Omnipotent Spin: (RMB + E E + Hold E + E) Tenno swings twice (right to left[upwards] then left to right[downwards]), then does a single spin (360 degrees) while leaping forwards and then swings the sword down and does radial blast damage (~15 meters). Highest damage is dealt to enemies closest to the sword.

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