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How Do I Paste Text In This Forum?



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I usually do CTRL + A + C and then CTRL + V to paste.  If you want to copy only a small section of text, highlight it via Left Click + Drag left or right and then either right click Copy/Paste or CTRL + C


EDIT: If you want to quote someone, click on the blue button, lower right hand side of the post. The one that says "Quote" will only quote that post, hit multiquote on multiple posts and you can quote all of the ones you clicked. 

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ugh. its because i use IE. (which i use for simple purposes, i got ff, chrome and opera also.

cant believe a forum cant support IE properly.



right click paste does not work on this forum for some reason

but Ctrl-V does work



*its not IE only, I use mozilla firefox and if i right click, paste is not in the menu either.

I'm using Google Chrome and I get the Right click + Paste option.

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