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Game Disconects/lags When Starting A Match


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Hello folks. I've been playing warframe for the last 2 months now, and I've been having this annoying bug that starting to hinder my enjoyment of the game. Ok here's the problem.


- Whenever i start a match in the game, i get this weird disconnect/lag where everything seems fine (can kill mobs) then it gradually starts to lag out until i can't pick up anything, then everything just stops moving. It is different from normal disconnects since i don't get kicked out from the game immediately. 


- Now since i'm using a Mobile 3G connection, which is prone to like spikes and unstable network, i just blamed it on my connection and endured it. But the thing is that my connection isn't very shaky. I can Play games like league of legends with a 50-100ms (with a couple of lag spikes now and then) but without being disconnected every time i start a game.


-So i went on to notice that this disconnects only happen when i open another software (like TS3 skype or even just a browser) that uses the internet. And when i don't open any other software the game works just fine. Also whenever this bug happens, my internet connection seems to completely freez, as in i can't load any other web pages until i actually exit the game and restart my modem.


-This might be just me, but it doesn't seem to be due to my poor 3G connection since it doesn't behave this way with other game, so if you can help me out i'd be forever grateful, since i'll be stuck with this modem for a long time :(

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