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I'm Vindicated! Vor Bobblehead Ftw!


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Down with the Sentients!

Down with the Corrupted!

Down with the Orokin!

Down with the Tenno! Er, not the Tenno.




Now, I would love to have some unlockables VOR's Style. 


I would like to have BOBBLEHEADs of enemies and warframe alike, constructable after  they are mastered. 


1) VOR BOBBLEHEAD. Requires having killed Vor and having built whatever he drops - the Seer - and mastered the Seer to Level 30. You don't have to have the weapon in inventory, but you must have the starred entry in your Codex.


2) CORRUPTED VOR BOBBLEHEAD - Need to have him drop some weapon first. Either a Corrupted Seer, or a Janus Key Gun with that yellow beam. 


Over time, other bobbleheads could be made of  the other bosses and even the warframes. And Steve with pink shorts.

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My previous thread was locked before because (I think it was Yaer, since he commented there) Vor's Bobblehead showed up in The Liset teaser, but was never officially mentioned as something that would come into the game. 


I thought locking the thread was unnecessary, this is a forum where we can speak about non existing features, give feedback and suggestions after all. In retrospect, I think that my wording talking as if it was already a feature in-game prompted him to decide by locking the thread, under the justification that there is nothing said by any dev about it ever being a feature or achievable (not his exact words, but in this venue). And it's true, no dev said at that time that Vor  Bobblehead would be in-game. If he had talked to me I could just have rewritten the thread. Anyway, I thought it was not worth to pursue the matter at the time, there is plenty of stuff to talk about the game and became OK with th thread locking. 


But now the Devs have officially stated in the latest Devstream that They definitely have to get around to make Vor's Bobblehead. It's not yet in-game, but IT'S AN OFFICIAL THING right now. The main justification to lock that thread was washed out by a bombshell declaration.

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