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If You Could Be One Warframe Who Would You Be?


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Ash. I would Teleport to school because it is too far of a walk on days with bad weather. I would use Shuriken to cut up steaks that my mom cooks to be way too tough, and Smokescreen... Well lets just say I won't be getting caught very much. Blade Storm is stupid, I shouldn't be able to go afk because of an ability so I never use it because I am a pro! :D

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Personally for me, it would have to be Ash!

Warframes like Rhino or Frost (no matter how much I love them) would be no use to me because when would I need to protect myself from incoming bullets or butchers?

I love all of Ash's abilities Shuriken, Smoke Screen, Teleport and Blade Storm.


Who wouldn't like to teleport everywhere and be able to go invisible or even have an unlimited supply of shurikens??? :D



                                                                                            ASH FOR DA WIN!!!1

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