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Nova Build?



Hey guys, i just crafted nova, and i dont know exactly what to run for her, here are some of the power related mods i got.




Fleeting expertise

Blind rage 


Narrow Minded

Natural talent





I'd just like to know which attributes she needs most,like duration, range, strength or whatever else. Thanks in advance! :)

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Duration is critical to get MPrime to expand as far as possible.

Efficiency is important to be able to recast it

Power Strength determines how effective the snare is (want a max of +57% to keep perfect efficiency, +48% would cap the snare) (alternatively, -30% wouldn't snare and -60% will speed enemies up)


If you want to chain explosions from MPrime, you want to use Stretch instead of Narrow Minded.


Natural Talent is decent for spamming MPrime, especially if you aren't using a lot of duration.


So I setup with +75% Efficiency, +107% Duration, and +57 PS most of the time. Explosions are really small tho, its more about the debuff. At lower levels I drop Narrow Minded for Stretch or add in Stretch+OE to make the explosions weaker but bigger.


Flow is overkill when using good efficiency.

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- Go with efficiency for skill spammability, like with most frames.  You'll likely want Streamline here, due to the below.



- If you plan to use her ult, do not use Fleeting Expertise (use Continuity), because her ult expands over time, so you want +duration in order to reach more area.  This will also keep the enemies primed longer, meaning they continue to move slower longer and take double damage longer, useful in almost all situations.


Narrow Minded can make her ult reach crazy distances for the initial priming... but at a cost of the enemy explosions only killing each other if they happen to be hugging.  Continuity alone is generally enough to cover the entirety of the central room of a defensive objective anyways.



- If you want the explosions on death to reach further, go with Stretch.  You can use Overextended instead, but the negative power will make the enemies faster (and stronger) instead, which is useful in less, more specific situations (like speeding up ODD).  This may not be needed depending on which missions and stuff you use her in though, so I wouldn't rare this high priority.



- Intensify may be useful, depending on if you're counting on her ult's explosion damage to chain-kill enemies and to slow enemies and make them easier to kill.  Intensify will make the explosion damage go from 800 to 1040, which isn't enough of an increase to warrant the slot in my opinion on it's own, but it will also make enemies 60% slower instead of 30% (this is one of the rare instances in Warframe where the numbers do actually work favorably like that).


Blind Rage, maxed, will bring that up to 1592 damage per explosion which is a very notable increase and can help the chain explosions keep stuff dying at high levels, but the debuff is capped at 75%, meaning Blind Rage is only better than Intensify for debuffing at ranks 3 and 4 (as 0-2 are numbers Intensify covers, and 5-10 is past the debuff cap).  Anything past rank 4 only contributes to the explosion damage, and at a growing cost to efficiency.  If you go this route, you'll want to stack on a lot of duration to keep the enemies primed longer (and of course efficiency) since it'll be expensive to cast.


Power strength does little to empower Antimatter Drop (only increases the 100 base damage, not the absorbed/multiplier), though Null Star might get a little boost out of it, since you do get 1200 total damage from a maxed Null Star in total and it's cheap to cast... though it's slow to fire off so it might easily be disregarded at high levels anyways, so IMO power strength is only a consideration for her ult.



- Flow is useful for being able to grab a lot of energy orbs when they happen to be around, for using them up later, especially with Streamline.  I run Flow on almost all my frames just because I don't like skipping over energy orbs because I can't hold them, then wishing I had that energy 2 minutes later in another part of the map.

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