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New Warframe Idea (Please Be Nice When Mocking Me)


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so this warframe is like the counter part of Excalibur (since he uses sword abilities and name....etc), so....here it is:

Name: Ranger (it needs some work, I know)

1st ability: Sharpshooter 
Ranger shoots at an aimed target, dealing 150/ 255/ 400/ 500, this ability don't need a primary or secondary weapon on to work, just like Excalibur's "Slash Dash"

2nd ability: I thought of 3 possibilities:

- Bullet Proof: Ranger casts an armor on him, protecting him from all range attacks, but incoming melee attacks have 10/ 7/ 5/ 3%  more damage 

- Camouflage: Ranger puts on a camouflage on him, making him invisible for 7/ 9/ 12/ 15 seconds  but only if he doesn't move (meaning if he's moving he's camouflaged, if he's moving he's visible but the ability won't end when he moves) 

-Target Lock: Ranger put on a target mark on an enemy/object/wall or a friend (affected by power range) that lasts for 15/20/25/30 min (affected by power duration) that draws the fire of ranged enemy around 10/15/20/25m (affected by power range too) of the mark, this ability doesn't effect melee units (though it draws the range pull attack of the scorpion and ancients). you can put the target lock on any body part of an enemy/alley so you can make headshots with it 


3rd ability: Flash Bang
Ranger throws several flash bang grenades around him, first stunning enemies for 2 seconds and then reducing their weapon accuracy for 7/ 10/ 12/ 15 seconds (affected by power duration, though the stun isn't affected) in a radius of 8/ 12/ 14/ 25 meters (affected by power range) 

4th ability: Bullet Frenzy 
Ranger enters a shooting frenzy, increasing his reload speed, fire rate and multishot chance of the weapon he's using (primary or secondary) for 15/ 20/ 25/ 30 seconds (affected by power duration) , all these 3 stats are affected by mods ( like gunslinger, barrel diffusion, split chamber, fast hands...etc) , note that this ability can only be used when you're using you primary or secondary weapons and it affects both of them

well, that's what I have, please be nice when write your feedback and thanks you 

NOTE: all of the stats (like the power duration, range...etc) I took from other warframe's abilities, so they are more than fair, I didn't come up with crazy power stats 


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When I thought of Ranger, I thought of more of a Bow n' Arrow type of guy.


I'd suggest Gunslinger as a better working name, and I only have one piece of advice to you:



Instead of making "Bullet Proof" immune to bullets, have it increase ranged defense by 10/20/25/whatever you think is a reasonable scale and keep the melee defense debuff in there. This way, Bullet Proof won't be seen as a downgraded Iron Skin, which it kind of is already.


To be honest, your second skills are kind of just dumbed down versions of Iron Skin and Invisibility. I'd suggest leaving Bullet Proof in, but you should probably add in a second buff such as movement speed to it, so that its somewhat mechanically different.


But overall this is pretty good, no mocking from me :>

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Hi Kenshin89!

Your idea sounds great! 


When I thought of Ranger, I thought of more of a Bow n' Arrow type of guy.

 I also thought like that :D

...and to be honest i wouldnt use his 4th ability... increasing some stats sounds cool but i don't think it would be worth the 100 energy...

if u chance the muötishot out for dmg it would be hilarious :D


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You know what? I really like it, just needs some changes. The Camo should remain active unless you move, but shooting or changing your weapon will not break camo, and it has an unlimited duration, so long as you don't move.


I feel flashbang should just be one grenade with a loner stun


Bullet frenzy is a great idea, but maybe the duration should be shortened since it seems kinda OP

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(first off, I'm not trying to revive this thread, I just had an idea)

I just had another idea for his 2nd ability (since most of you didn't really like them) 

Target Lock: Ranger put on a target mark on an enemy, wall, object or even an alley , making all enemies in the radius of 10/15/20/25m shoot at that target (it's not effective against infested, but it draws the range attack of the ancients) 

Edit: you can put the target lock on any body part of an enemy/friend, so you can draw fire to the head thus dealing head shot dmg 

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so reverse mind control.


You should replace the bulletproof with that.


Nice frame. 



well, most abilities are similar to others (like ash smoke screen and loki's invisibility) with just a little tweak, so I thought it's ok to just take some bits....though I didn't understand why you called it "mind control reverse" 

and thanks for the support, I'll try to find a good artist so I can make a fan art or him...since I'm no good with photoshop and don't have a scanner 

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