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New Frame Idea - Talus


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Talus, was an iron giant from the epic poem The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser published 1592.


The iron giant helps Arthegall dispense justice.


Visual Look - a hulking giant frame, massive arms and fists and body. Made from metal and alloy. The exterior of the frame is made of metal and cybernetic implants. Able to take massive hits from lasers and bullets, huge damage.


Same sort of size frame as the large corrupted heavy gunner Grineer in the Void.


A silver metallic frame



Abilities ;


1) Rust - able to issue an energy blast that corrodes robot enemies eg corpus into weak rust that disintegrates into iron filings with a melee hit


2) Scan - able to look through walls and into other rooms to see where enemy are present

using an energy pulse that also damages enemies it reveals.


3) Mace - Talus carrys a massive mace that when he swings it inflicts huge damage against enemies. A large spiked ball on a chain that can be swung in circles and arcs that smashes enemies into the air and against walls etc


4) Dark Energy Bullets - can equip his primary weapon with Dark Energy bullets that implode the enemies they hit. Limited  number of bullets per use of the ability.



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His 1 wouldn't be used that much since it's specific to robots.


I wouldnt use his 2 at all.


His 3 is cool I guess but I don't think they'll be doing many melee abilities since we have melee weapons and such.


His 4 is sounds pretty cool, but meh. Wouldn't be that exciting for me.

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