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Hiddenlotus ( Ninja Clan ) - Recruiting New Members.


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(Officially a mountain clan but only due to lack of a downgrade system.)



-          Dojo & research
our dojo is made to be a massive ship with different area’s well organized.
our research is up to date concerning weaponry, every weapon is unlocked/researched.

We have a overall completion rate of 92,7% on all 4 weapon labs combined, soon this will be 100%.( the missing research = Non-Weaponry)

-          Ninjaclan
our theme is mostly Ninja, also our ranksystem is made up from Ninja ranknames, we specialize in moving and fighting like real ninjas suppose to.

-          Advanced movement lessons
to help you reach more “ninjaness” we have Sensei within the clan teaching advanced movement to make you as agile as the wind, also tons of tricks wich are extremely helpfull in everyday mission, any Sensei can teach this movement and is tested him/herself in this movement. ( a true master can use these skills in pvp to be superior )

-          Help when you need it
got this map you just cant overcome? Wanna go to the void but not alone? Need help / taxi / advice?, the clan channel will answer your calls!

-          Noobfriendly
So your new to the game and worried you might have a performance lower then others? No worry’s here we will guide you into becomming a powerfull warframe with ninjaskills.

-          Dark Sectors
HiddenLotus does NOT participate into any dark sector activity, we have little intrest for the nodes and we mainly focus on helping eachother out and becomming as powerfull we possibly can.

-          Other info.
We are a mountain clan but only due to lack of a decent downgrading system, the clan is older then the dojos themself and as a result many members are inactive, YET we are reviving the clan as your reading this, and its going uphill and we have a active memberlist of about 30-40 people now who are active ( around 10 online or less atm ) and its growing by the day.




-          Intrested?

Leave a message below or contact one of our members directly ingame



Whisper by typing:

/w <name> <message>

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