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Transmutation 2.0


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Now Transmutation is a broken system of 500 in 1 chance to get that mod you want, do we like it? no. Though it does have the potential to make farming in warframe 1/2 as tedious as it is now. How you ask???


1:  Let us transmute more then 4 mods at once: More then 4 mods at once = Better chance of getting a better mod.


2: decrease the cost of transmutation down to 5k+ for rarity, and 2k+ per rank. at least.


3: add a teir system (the main point): In a teir system having lets say 10 common rares transmuted would force you to get a rare mod of teir 2.


Lets say theirs 12 Teirs:


Teir 1: Its reached by transmuting 1-4 unranked common mods: This forces the system to give you a mod thats starting fusion is 3-5, and the mod is forced to be a common.


Teir 2: Its reached by transmuting atleast 2 Fully ranked common cores: Garrenteeds a 5 fusion point common mod, and a rare chance for a uncommon mod.

Teir 3: reached by transmuting 4-6 fully ranked common mods: garrenteeds a Uncommon mod unranked, or a fully ranked common mod.


Teir 4: Reached by transmuting 2 uncommon mods: Garrenteeds a fully ranked uncommon mod, and a half ranked uncommon.


Teir 5: Reached by Transmuting 4 uncommon mods: Garrenteeds a Fully ranked uncommon mod, or a nightmare mod


Teir 6: Reached by transmuting 6 uncommon mods: Garrenteeds a rare mod. (Mods that fall under this catagory are regular enemy rare mod drops, heavy/rare enemies drops can not be gotten in Teir 6)


Teir 7: 2 unranked Rare mods: Garrenteeds a maxed Nightmare mod, or a rare stance.


Teir 8: reached by Transmuting 4 Rare mods: Garrenteeds a Rare mod, or a Stance. (mods that fall under this category are only mods that drop from heavy or rare enemies)


Teir 9: 6 rare mods:  Garrenteeds a corrupted mod, fully ranked Rare mod, or a rare stance.


Teir 10: 8 Fully ranked rare mods: Garrenteeds a rank 10 common mod (such as max serration) or a unranked rank 10 corrupted mod.


Teir 11:  Transmuting 2 Fully ranked rank 10 mods: Garrenteeds a Corrupted fully ranked rank 10 mod, or a fully ranked Rare 10 mod.


Teir 12: Transmuting 4 fully rank 10 commons/uncommons, or Transmuting 2 fully Rank 10 rares: Will garrenteed get you a Rank 10 corrupted.


Troll Teir 13: Transmuting 4 fully Rank 10 Corrupted mods: Garrenteeds a Legendary core, Prime chamber, or the Affinity aura. (this is more of a joke teir that is nearly impossible to get to, and even then doesn't offer good enough awards to be worth it, kinda like a completion teir to torture completionist) 


Transmuting a aura puts you at Teir 7, having the aura be maxed is teir 8.


Nightmare mods are Teir 5, maxed are Teir 6.


Transmuting all different mods puts you 1 teir over the garrenteed Teir level.


Such as 2 different unranked common mods would be teir 2 instead of 1.


The point of this system is to have getting any mod be a good thing, even if a mod like Pressure point drops it won't be useless if you already have a fully ranked one, since you can transmute it into a uncommon mod, if you get a bad uncommon mod, you can eventually transmute that into a Rare mod, if you get a useless rare mod, etc.\


Ofcourse the teir system isn't perfect, so if you have any suggestion to make it have even less RNG or more RNG without making it unfair, feel free to say.


By the way:  inb4 sooo much text!!!

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Won't work. Corrupted and nightmare mods are rewards for doing specific missions within the game, your plan is devalue them even more

It was officially stated by the devs: The legendary core isn't coming back

Fully ranked mods as a reward will completely devalue cores as well, and likely push them out of the game altogether. Why level a mod when I can get it full for less?

Aura mods are Alert rewards, got to be on at the right time to get them, never on? Go to the trading post

Speaking of the trading post, 1/3 of the trading in post is for mods, implementing this will cut away 1/3 of the trading post. Again, why pay when I can almost be guaranteed it

The whole idea is fundamentally flawed and would and will never work. I'd enjoy the idea if it didn't remove the whole "Play the game" aspect of warframe, where you actually HAVE to play

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