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<p>Halfway the mission the Lotus contacts you, saying that shes detecting power fluctuations throughout the ship. At that moment, lights begin to flicker and the gravity lowers. Lotus continues: Tenno, the ships power is dropping. I'm not sure what's going on. I will contact you later on. As the Tenno close in on the objective, the Lotus contacts you again: Tenno, I have found the source of the fluctuations. Its the Infestation. (At that point, the ship shakes heavily and an Infested tentacle breaches the wall, causing decompression. Tenno, you HAVE to get out of there. A massive Infested biomass has collided with the ship. Im reading life signs fading throughout the ship. Im trying to reach Ordis to get you out of there, but he isnt responding. (Lotus visual shifts to Ordis) Operator, I(distorted visual and audio)omised. The Infested(distortion)my prestine insides! I am no longer(long distortion)ing you. I(distorted audio, barely audible) activate self-destr(distortion). It was(distortion) serving you.(connection failed). Tenno, find a safe position. I have marked several areas that have working lifesupport<br />

<br />

I'm sorry, but I am unable unable to reach Ordis. I fear that he followed programming and self-destructed to prevent him falling into enemy hands. This does not have to be the case, and I will keep an eye out for signs of him. Your Arcwing was with Ordis and I have no spare one. I suggest you find alternate transport. The Infestation is messing with the energy signals emitting from the ship, but I managed to tag one of the transport bays. Careful, the bays may be overrun with Infested. Good luck Tenno. I will recontact you when I have more information.<br />

<br />

You make your way through the torn ship, coming across more Infested tentacles and Infested Crewmen. You approach one of the waypoints, but once you open the door, there is no transport bay left. Wjen you approach the other waypoint, you board the transports docked there. You leave the ship far behind you.</p>

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