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Frost Prime Reedit

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Loki Prime compared to Loki looks incredibly different a lot better.
Rhino Prime compared to Rhino looks better
Ember Prime Compared to ember looks better
Mag Prime compared to Mag looks better
Frost Prime compared to Frost looks somehow better and worst, the only frame that looks somehow worst than regular :/. Why? All Prime frames have some additional Gold in Frost Prime they are barely noticable. 

Frost looks somehow better compared to Frost Prime because he have stripes on the front


While Frost Prime on the Front have nothing:


1.Frost Prime need these Blue stripes from Frost as a gold stripes , in front, back, on legs everywhere.

Frost Prime: http://wikiwiki.jp/warframe/?plugin=ref&page=FROST&src=frost_p_fl.jpg

Frost: http://wikiwiki.jp/warframe/?plugin=ref&page=FROST&src=frost_fl.jpg


2. These yellow/light brown stripes From Frost should be added to Frost Prime too as a Tint Color 4, Only Frost Prime doesnt have any changes on Tint Color 4 (only his alternate helmets have 2 or several stripes that changes with Tint Color 4)

3. Frost Prime to be some little more different from Frost just like Loki Prime is. Prime Frost should have another rag on the front


(This picture is old maded by my friend, bug with Oberon and Frost Prime)


Frost Prime should have this rag in the front, ofcourse not copied from Oberan but maded a new one similar to what Frost have on behind but edited, to look different from the back rag, to not have problems with dirrection of him where is front and where is back? XD.

Something Similar should be maded with Excalibur Prime, because he too lack of gold parts.

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I don't like that 1 color selection covers so much of Frost primes surface area. It makes him look relatively monotone, even with fairly bright and varied color selections. 

Basically, I wish he had more of a pattern.

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Yep, I agree that Frost P looks so bland now. I might just end up buying an immortal skin.. soon.


To quote Neddy Seagoon, I agreeeee!

And to the original post, in my opinion, Vanilla Mag and Rhino look better than their prime counterparts.


Damn opinions...


Agree on this one too, both primes have too much bling. >_>

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I actually quite like how Frost Prime looks - he feels classy and buffed without looking like the Prime equivalent of a Warframe pimp. The only thing I'd change is his secondary colour map pattern - I feel it ought to be similar to the regular Frost's, especially on the front. Too little going on there I think.



Agree on this one too, both primes have too much bling. >_>


Rhino Prime I can deal with, but Mag Prime just hurts my eyes.


Hey Devs? No offense, but there is such a thing as using too much gold foil treatment...

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