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Making Coptering Official By Replacing It With These New Movement Control!


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We loved coptering, we all know it is done using specific weapons and can be improved by adding speed mods

however some people doesnt like coptering because it doesnt seem to fit and doesnt have a proper animation to boost one's movement.


I do have a solution to this!

by normalizing weapon dashes (removing the traditional coptering)


and introducing a new animation feature:


[in air or after jumping]
holding W + SHIFT once will do an official animation that

makes you boost forward while consuming stamina.

(boosting range is max 15meters!)


Good side: this new feature disregard your weapon heavy or not to boost forward!! 

Bad side: some people will not like it please dont eat me alive here! :(


i dont know if this is good,

just sharing my idea! :)

thanks for reading tenno!

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Coptering is offical, DE confirmed that numerous times in the dev streams. In the last stream they even talked about improving the animations for it.


oh i havent watched the last stream, good to know they already have a word on it

welp i might have to delete this thread later


wait, how do i do that

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