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New Contest Ideea ! De Please Take A Look !


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I've been playing warframe almost a year and a half and recently i found out about contests. And the new contests focus only on players that can draw or do a 3d model. I know, you will say that there were contest about things that happen in game and had to prove it with screenshots.Now my ideea of a contest that I think would be really cool is:


I just found out what the next warframe concept is ( i dk if i am allowed to share this info)

And it would wicked and cool if we , the players can give him a backstory, and let the best ideea win.

It will only require a bit of imagination that i know we all have !

Please DE think about this type of contest !

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I have great ideeas and i want to feel like the other players who contributed to the game with weapon designs like silva and aegis or the kronen. Ican't draw so, I would like if DE would apreciate other skills of our community. And I don't want it to be a long term thing or who knows they should give it a shot and if it works out then great !

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