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Found Orokin Catalyst Leading To No Evac?

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So, I joined a game, it was towards the end, and two of the other people were down, I got them up immediately and we actually won the mission because I got there. Strange thing is that I found an Orokin Catalyst blueprint while on the mission, which from what I understand is not possible.

So at the point where extract comes up, I get told to kill everything but we coild not find anything. We all ran around or about 15 minutes looking for one enemy because the marker was just next to a wall with nothing there, so I decided to use my pull ability and an enemy ended up being inside the wall.

Then after that, still no evac. We all ran around for another 20 minutes before a host migration which kicked everyone causing the mission to be a loss.. So I'm not sure if the Orokin Catalyst Blueprint broke the game or if it was something before that... Any ideas?

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