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Space Bosses? (Archwing)


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So, on the devstream, the devs addressed questions about the archwing update. When asked about bosses in space, they replied that that would likely be the balor fomorians. 


Why not implement something like a mini-boss? You'd be flying around, and a powerful, unique enemy would appear. In order to progress with the mission, you would have to defeat it. For instance, imagine something like Twinmold out of Majora's Mask. In space. Absolutely epic. 


Something like this- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0EKzYgOnHI


As to implementing it, instead of straight up damaging it, you would have to get around it to shoot into chinks of armor or weak spots. 

So, by adding a sort of mini boss, you get to use the archwings to their full extent, as well as adding something truly awesome and fun. I would totally dig this. 

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