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New Warframe Idea: Arbor, The Nature Warframe (Wip)


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 I just had this idea a few days ago and I wanted to get the community's opinion on the subject. I don't have any concept art at the time but I imagine it as a mix of Oberon (Flowy and spikey helmet and such) and Necros (The arm and leg rings) mixed with a tree. I'm going to try to get some concept art but until now I can give you the stats, powers, lore, and how he is obtained.


Health: 125 (250 at 30)
Power: 100 (200 at 30)
Armor: 50
Shield: 125 (250 at 30)
Sprint Speed: .95
Stamina: 80
Polarities: 4x Scratch 1x V 1x Bar
Aura polarity: 1x Bar (For energy siphon)



Vine Whip (GO BULBASAUR :P) 0/1/2/3
25 Energy. Arbor releases a vine covered with thorns from his hand, then swings it, dealing 50/75/100/150 damage and knocking over any survivors along with a puncture proc in a 5/10/15/20 meter area in front of him
Photosynthesis 4/5/6/7
50 Energy. Arbor sprouts large leafs/flower petals from his back to regenerate health and shields depending on light levels. If Arbor is in a bright area Arbor will regenerate 20%/30%/40%/50% of his health and 10%/20%/30%/40% of allies health (possibly in a large radius of 50/100/150/200 meters but idk). Same with shields but if it is in dark areas.
Leaf Storm 6/7/8/9
50 Energy. Arbor summons a cyclone of leafs to form a protective barrier around him in a 5/6/7/8 meter radius deflecting 50%/60%/70%/90% of incoming projectiles lasting for 10/12/15/20 seconds. Any enemies that touch the outside of the cyclone will take large amounts of damage being 100/150/200/250 every second they are touching the leaves. If any enemies make it in the will be thrown out in the fashion of Zyphyr's tornado, so long as they are under the levels of 10/15/20/25, but this will deal no damage. Also, firing form the inside of the cyclone will cause it too be majorly thrown off target (except for lasers like the Quanta, Nukor, and Flux Rifle, their damage will be cut in half and)
Overgrowth 10/11/12/13
100 Energy. Arbor stomps the ground sending out a shockwave of thorned vines in all directions for 10/15/20/30 meters, carrying and stunning any enemy it touches, dealing 200/400/600/800 every 4 seconds along with a puncture proc. At max rank it will leave behind vines that will deal 100/150/200/250 damage to anything that touches along with appling a puncture proc in the floor.


Sorry in advance if this doesn't fit the game's lore, I haven't done too much research into the lore, but I will and make necessary changes.

Once thought to be a beast protecting its home on Earth from Grineer Deforestation and mining operations was discovered to be an ancient warframe thought lost to the ages hell bent on stopping the Grineer and defending any planet they wish to destroy for thier own porposes.

~~How To get Arbor~~

Acquiring Arbor would be in one of 3 ways:

1. Add a boss to Earth, and not hidden like Vay Hek, some where around Pacific. He would use explosives like bombards except they would apply a possibly toxin status,and a lesser chance of applying viral, gas, or corrosive. What he would look like I don't know but he would be more agile that some of the other Grineer bosses.

2. Possibly he would have his own quest like Mirage. Such as there would be a 5% chance of entering a modified exterminate, defense, capture, and sabotage missions. In these missions the map has been completely over grown and the only enemies are high level kubrows, there also would be 20% more enemies spawning than usual. If the player finishes the mission in a certain amount of time then they would be awarded a part of Arbor depending on which mission it was.





These modified missions would only appear once the quest is started. This would cause Lotus to start mentioning rumors of "Grineer settlements on Earth completely over grown as if the planet its self was claiming it back" and "faint tenno energy signatures all over the ruined areas"

3. At the end of a mission there would be a 5% chance of him appearing mistaking you for someone trying to help the Grineer.

You would fight him like stalker and he would have a randomized load out of mainly Grineer, but partially tenno weapons (Such as a Sobek, Twin Vipers, and a bo could be a possibility). Arbor will appear as level 20-30 depending on your conclave and have his own basic set of mods. If you manage to beat him he will vanish (possibly in a gust of leafs) and you will be awarded one of his parts and a high chance of getting a neurode (same drop chance as getting a orokin cell from Sargus Ruk) and a mod like a you would get from killing a boss.


That's all I have for you so far, I'll be working on some concept are soon. And don't expect much since I'm a HORRIBLE drawer. but until the , let me know what you think. Thank you!

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